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Tieflings average at 5 foot 6 inches tall, an Teifling's lifespan tends to reach up to 100 years have dark purple to light pink skin, have prehensile tails which grow long enough to sweep along the ground as a Teifling walks, their tails end in a small amount of hair, Teifling hair usually comes in black, silver, purples', and red's, and grow horns which take on a large variety of shapes and sizes. Teiflings have goat like legs ending in hooves.

Racial edges:

natural weapons horns: str +d6

+2 bonus to resist all negative environmental effects (heat,cold,pressure,ect.)

hooves: base pace of 10 instead of 6

cursed past: bad luck(major) teiflings are a little less lucky than other races and start with 1 less bennie per session


Oni average at 6 foot tall, an Oni's lifespan tends to reach up to 140 years, have dark to light red skin, have short tails reaching halfway to the floor ending flesh, formed into a bolt shape, Oni hair usually comes in Black. Oni's unlike other races do not have a pupil and iris instead they have a eye formation that causes their iris and pupils to seem as one making there eyes appear much larger and intense, Oni are all born with light red eyes that slowly turn darker over their lifespan, Onis are also on average slightly more stout than humans.

Racial effects:

Volcanic homeland: +4 bonus against heat resistance

giant iris: oni's can choose to see in the infrared spectrum halving attack penalties (round down in bad lighting)


Low-elves average at 6 foot tall, a low-elf's lifespan tends to reach around 100 years, have black to dark grey skin with a silvery tinge, Low-elves have large knife shaped ears, Low-Elves are more lithe than your average human. 

Racial effects:

low light vision: ignore dim and dark lighting

cold resistance: +4 bonus against cold


High-elves average at 6 foot 4 inches tall, a High-elf's lifespan tends to reach around 100 years, have porcelain white to pale yellow skin, High-elves have large knife shaped ears, High-elves are more lithe than your average human

Racial effects:

Immune to posion

start with a d6 in smarts instead of a d4

-4 penalty to resist cold


If you don't know how humans look then I dunno what to tell ya.

Racial effects:

free edge


A child from the union of a human and elf all elf parents will produce this offspring after breeding with a human.

Half-elves average at 5 foot 10 inches tall, a half-elf's lifespan tends to reach around 90 years, high elves have the skin tone of their human parents with a slight tinge of their elven ancestry. Half-elves have a more subtle version of the elven ears.

Racial effects:

d6 in smarts


Dwarves average at 4 foot 6 inches tall, a dwarf's lifespan tends to reach around 60 years, Dwarfs have a skin tone representing their place in the cast system with each dwarf being combined with a metal at birth through the process called binding, however on rare occasions dwarves that are raised by other cultures never go through the process of binding and remain a skin tone and varion similar to human. Gem dwarf royal currently holding a throne, golden dwarf (upper class),  silver dwarf (middle class), bronze dwarf (lower class). Dwarves are the most stout and sturdy race.

racial effects:

toughness +1


pace 5 instead of 6


The union of a dwarf and a human will result in the birth of a halfling however over the years halflings have become so numerous in the world that now the majority of halflings you meet would be the result of two halfling parents rather than a mixed birth, and are reaching point of becoming a race in their own right with Kingdoms and empires being forged under halfling banners .

Halflings average at 5 foot tall, a halfing's lifespan tends to reach around 70 years, halfling skin tone reflects the human palette although many halflings born to dwarven parents have gone through the process of binding, halflings are no more stout than a regular human regardless of their decreased size

racial effects:

free edge


Ents have the largest variation in size and can range from 4 feet to 7 feet tall, Ent's lifespan is also widely varying from 50 years to 180 years, ents are plantoid humans created by fungus, special magical mushroom spores can fall on certain plants and if the correct conditions are met an ent is formed. The ent carry's fetures of the plant it is formed in, for example, an ent formed on a catctus may carry spikes and desert flowers with green skin and live to 150, but may not be able to move faster than 2 mph or speak at a fast enough pace, an ent formed in a grassy plain may be quick, lithe, and intelligent, but may only have a lifespan of 2 years and be able to be knocked down by a swift breeze.

There are various main sub-races of ents all with their own home city that follows different racial patterns these include:

Mushroom ents: 5'3, 120 years

Coral ents: 5'10, 80 years

Wood ents: 6'2 150 years

Flower ents: 5'6 65 years


Orc's average at 5 foot 9 inches tall, Orc's lifespan tend to reach 80 years, Orcs have green leathery skin and  some orcs also have two enlarged carnivore teeth on their bottom jaw.

racial effects: free edge


Cyclopes average at 6 foot 4 inches tall, Cyclopes lifespan tend to reach 70 years, Cyclopes have dark to light blue skin, Cyclopses are more stout than most orcs and are noticeable by their one oversized eye.

racial effects:

size +1 = toughness +1

start with a d6 in strength instead of a d4

-1 parry


Orclops are the result of a Orc and Cyclops union, Orclops average at 6 foot tall and tend to reach lives of up to 75 years old, Orclops have dark to light yellow skin, and can inherit oversized lower jaw carnivore teeth from their orc parents, Orclops have two eyes.

racial effects:

start with a D6 in strength


Saurians average at 6 foot tall, sarian lifespans tend to reach 95 years old, saurians have leathery scaled skin in colors ranging from greens, to reds, to blues, even black saurians have been known to exist although much rarer, saurians are lizard creatures owning one large prehensile tail which drags along the floor,

racial effects 

semi aquatic, hold breath longer in water

 natural weapons the saurian claws which have str + d6


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